Event Photography

Get the picture. Consider Larry Lewis Photography for your next event.

Get the picture. Contact Me for a quote on your next event!

Photographs of your event are essential to document The Occasion for participants, sponsors and for your organizing committee. They add interest after the event for participants to view and share their memories. Vibrant, descriptive images will also help attract interest in your next event when used as a promotion tool.

What To Expect

Typically I will arrive early to get good shots of the sponsors as well as candids of participants, organizers and volunteers before the event, paying special attention to get key shots as outlined in any pre-event instructions, I will then shoot the event, and any post event activities.

After the event I will provide edited and cropped images, either online on your website, a third party image site or on disc, depending on your requirements. We will also consult on image size requirements.

Contact me for a personalized consultation and quote for your next event. 

Previous Events:

2018 Tannenbaum 10k

2018 Beaches Jazz Half Marathon

2018 Achilles St Patricks Day 5K

2017 Tannenbaum 10k (Finish line)

2017 Bike For Kids Spinathon

2017 Meagan's Walk

2017 Achilles St Patricks Day 5K

2016 Tannenbaum 10K

2016 Beaches Jazz Half Marathon

2014 Variety Village College Indoor Track Meet 

2015 Tannenbaum 10k