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A Photo in the Life of


This site is the latest step in my photographic journey that began in January 2000, when I began working in the marketing department of a local camera retailer.  Before that I had a passing interest in photography, but once I was close to cameras on a daily basis the hook has firmly embedded.  I began my love affair with vintage manual film cameras.  My collection grew to over 70 cameras.  I have never had allegiance to any particular camera brand.  My only stipulations with my choice of film cameras were that they must be operational, had to have attainable film and had to be affordable to my limited budget.   I primarily shot with my original Yashicamat TLR and my Minolta Hi-matic 7SII Rangefinder.   I've also never met a Polaroid I haven't loved.  (Including my 3 CU-5 Industrial Land cameras with accessories!)  

DSLR Photography

I got into DSLR photography very early in the game using company equipment. Being in the camera business has it's advantages!  My fav in the early days was the Fuji S1.  I purchased my first DSLR in 2005.  The variety of lenses was my primary motivation for the switch to DSLR.  I've always loved to experiment with a variety of lenses from the precision of technical tilt lenses to the serendipity of toy lenses like my Lensbaby.  If I had a favourite it would be my 70mm prime.  I've always gravitated to the standard focal length, although I started shooting some wide angle in the last year or so.  I also rarely leave behind a telephoto lens when out.


I've never found a type of photography that I haven't enjoyed.  I shoot wildlife and nature whenever possible.  I enjoy going on photo walks throughout the city with friends, shooting cityscapes.  I am a part of a loose knit group of local, very talented photographers.  As a group we shoot local urbex style and take the occasional day or weekend trip.  We've also been known to head to the parks in search of moose and other wildlife.


In February 2006 I started a blog entitled A Photo In The Life of.  This was a simple photo blog that allowed me to share some of my favourite images. I tried to stay true to the title of the blog and only post recent photography and to display what was going on in my life at the moment. The benefit of the blog was that it kept me shooting constantly.  I am hoping to keep my new blog whimsical, but to perhaps add some context to my photography.  

My Store

Please visit my galleries, blog and store.  All photos on the site are copyright Larry Lewis Photography.  If you see an image on the site or blog that isn't in the store and you would like a print please contact me for pricing and availability.  Also, if you prefer a different print size or medium let me know.  If you have any questions about the images featured please contact me.

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See you in the pictures.