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The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

I finally made it to The Royal this year!

Every year around this time The Royal Winter Fair comes to town. As per their website, 'The Royal is the largest combined indoor agricultural fair and international equestrian competition in the world. It is where Canadian and international breeders, growers and exhibitors are declared champions and where hundreds of thousands of attendees come to learn, compete, shop and have a great time with friends and family.' I've wanted to attend for years but there always seemed to be a reason why I had to miss. Not this year!

Yvonne and I made arrangements to bring our Grandson and the 3 of us piled in the car and headed over on Friday afternoon.

We were only at The Royal for a short time, and anyone that travels with children know that they command an amount of attention that prohibits too much time on photography but I enjoyed the shooting and got a few that I liked.

Since it is indoors, much of the shooting was in low light, and what light there was tended to be from mixed sources! (daylight, fluorescent and tungsten). My tripod or monopod weren't available so everything was shot freehand. I compensated with a higher ISO than I like and I shot mainly with a wide open aperture making for a shallow depth of field. There was very little 'still life' on display so I would have used faster shutter speeds and wider apertures regardless but a stabilizer of some sort would have been an asset!

All shots were taken with a Canon 5D Mk2 and Sigma 70mm f2.8 Macro lens. For simplicity I used manual exposure and was happy with the results. The pictures I'm presenting had minimal white balance correction. I find the blue and yellow tones add to the mood and tone of the images. I hope you feel the same. I did notice that most photographers present were shooting with 70-200mm image stabilized lenses.  

I highly recommend shooting at The Royal. I'd like to get back to the fair again myself next year and I will plan on spending the entire day. I will definitely bring my tripod or at least my monopod if at all possible! I was there on a Friday afternoon which meant I didn't have the weekend crowds to contend with, although it also meant that I missed the marquis events. That didn't bother me because there were always events going on and the displays were open. Access to the animals was easy and convenient. The Royal was very well organized.     


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