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The 30,000 Island Cruise in Black and White

What is better than an iconic autumn cruise taken in August? Photographing it in black and white!

Earlier this month Yvonne and I had the opportunity to take the 30,000 Island Tour Cruise on the Island Queen while visiting Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. The day was sunny and pleasant, but there were very few clouds and a slight haze that day. These conditions, while beautiful, don't always translate into compelling landscape photography.

Ideal conditions would have been clear, deep blue skies with billowy white clouds and a nice breeze. These conditions would allow for greater colours and beautiful compositions with the added opportunity of creating milky clouds/skies using an optional ND filter. Alternatively early morning conditions with still waters and magnificent reflections would be equally compelling. Having taken the cruise I'd like to return in the autumn when the fall colours are out. I think the resulting images would be awesome, even in less than ideal shooting conditions. 

Although my day of photography did not have optimal conditions, I screwed on a polarizer filter to my lens and started shooting - because you never know how your images will turn out until you take them! Once I later saw the results on my computer I decided to created black and white versions of some of the images and feature them today in this post.

All photos were shot with my Canon 5D MkII with 70-200mm f4 L lens. Had there been less haze and some clouds I may have used a wide angle lens, but instead chose to accent on the trees and rocks with a standard to telephoto focal length zoom lens. This allowed me to minimize the boring sky in most shots. I used a polarizer filter to reduce some of the glare. The colour versions of the images have deeper colour as a result of using this filter.

I could have shot this day with my camera set for black and white images but I chose to convert the images in Photoshop. I shoot using the RAW file format to seamlessly move between black and white and colour versions with no degradation of the images. I didn't use a tripod due to space limitations and and the need to be mobile. Thanks Yvonne Lewis for posing for me!  

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