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Fawns - A Snow Day in November

A few pics of a pair of fawns on a snowy day in November on Manitoulin Island.

Photographing wildlife is one of my passions and I never tire of watching and capturing images of deer. Whether I'm driving through farm country in the early morning or evening sun, hiking through the woods or sitting, waiting and watching in a deer stand, I feel exhilarated when I see one of these beautiful, sleek creatures. This exhilaration is compounded when I have my camera with me. 

I have been photographing deer for many years and have got some fabulous shots but some of my favorites were from this day last year. Conditions were not even close to optimal. It was approaching darkness in a wooded area and it was snowing and blowing decreasing visibility further. When these 2 fawns came out I was not expecting to get any decent images.

I like the flat, graininess of the images. I did very little manipulation other than bringing out some clarity and enhancing the blacks a little. The lesson learned is to always take the shot. You never know what you will get! 

These images were shot with a Sigma 150-500mm OS lens with my tripod. I used a very high ISO since my maximum aperture with this lens is f6.3. I had my camera and lens wrapped in a scarf. I wish I had my Optex Rainsleeve with me on this day to keep my camera dry. The Rainsleeve is one of my favorite accessories for shooting in wet weather. I would write a review on the Rainsleeve, but essentially it is a shaped plastic bag that protects your camera and lens from rain and snow while allowing access to the controls. I like it - review written!

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