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Post Cards from Maine

Random images from my week in coastal Maine.

It's time to get back in the swing of writing after my short hiatus.

As with most photographers that have been at it for a while I have a library of thousands of images. Over recent months I have gone through my library, thinking about themes to write about. Although many articles have been started I have had trouble finishing them. Sometimes I have not been able to find the words to relate my thoughts, but often it is more a problem with the images.

I am very proud of my volume of work. I like what I have photographed and the quality of many images. I also feel that my photography continues to improve, I believe this perceived improvement is a reason for not posting. I don't want to display the old stuff because it is the old stuff! This is probably flawed reasoning and a rotten excuse for not writing!.

That said, my recent trip to Maine has given me some new images to present. There are too many to show in one post so I will do it in 2 or 3 posts in coming weeks.   

Last summer I wrote about a cruise Yvonne and I took in the Parry Sound area. (Read it here)  I chose to present black and white images in that post because the sky was a dull grey. Most of the images were of rocky coasts and evergreen forests. I wanted to accentuate the tonal quality of these scenes.

Shooting in Maine this spring there was a little more colour in the sky, however there was often whispy clouds or haze. When shooting scenes with bright colours such as the painted boats these conditions naturally diffuse the light, helping to make the colours 'pop' and become more vibrant than when shooting on a clear day. It is for this reason that I am presenting these images in colour. I have used a polarizer filter for some of the images to help bring out the colours even more and to add some contrast and drama in the skies.

I hope you enjoy the images.    

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