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Little Images That Could

In honour of my 1000th follower on 500px here are my most 'liked' images .

I've written many posts on displaying and presenting images. Sometimes I rant, sometimes I try to understand. I wrote 'You Never Know til You Know' as a motivation piece. I also wrote '8 fails - Images That Disappointed' as a frustration piece. 

This blog is a little different. I started writing this blog as a response to the Fails blog, but the more I worked on it, the more this blog was similar to the Fails blog. The more I've thought about the similarities between the two, the more I've realized that maybe 'The Photographer' really has no idea about what the viewer thinks or likes. The Photographer only knows what he or she likes. That said, there are techniques and rules of thumb that make an image attractive and interesting. But maybe some images capture the imagination differently with different viewers. 

One would think that, as a graphic artist and photographer, I would get accustomed to these discrepancies but I don't think I ever will. In many ways it is exciting to see what 'flies' and what 'flies higher' and, inevitably, what sinks.

In honour of my 1,000 follower on 500px (I got my 1000th follower about 2 weeks ago) these are the images that have gotten over 300 likes from my peers.  

I'm not going to tell you the ones I like more than the others. There are several images in my portfolio that are close to 300 likes but are not quite there yet and one must draw the line somewhere. Later this winter I may share my personal favourites. (Warning: There may be an image that failed on my list! )

I hope you enjoy these images.

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