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A Day At The Junk Yard

An overcast sky, light rain and mist made this a great day for fall photography!

Destination photography is often a hit and miss proposition. We choose a destination, plan a date and time to go, perhaps invite a friend or two then we wait. Will the weather be good? Will life events transpire that will cancel or divert the day? All we can do is hope for the best but be prepared for anything. On this day everything was perfect! 

McLean's Auto Salvage is a treasure trove for urbex photographers. It combines interesting, unusual subjects with varying back drops. It is also a great place to explore. It is so large that you can visit many times and still have new discoveries. This was not my first trip to the property and it won't be my last!

Arriving at day break, the conditions were overcast with a light rain. This made for bright, saturated colours and textures that made the fall foliage and the car finishes (or what's left of the finishes) pop. I used a circular polarizer on my lenses to remove glare from the white sky reflecting on the leaves and windshields, making the colours even more vivid.

Eventually the sun came out, ruining the perfect light. I think that we would have shot all day if it would have stayed behind the clouds! Instead we put away our cameras and returned to the city to enjoy a sunny fall afternoon. I think that it was a perfect day!

These photos are just a small sampling of my collection from the day. I will be going through my results, posting some, printing others for months to come I suspect! I'm looking forward to getting back there soon!

All images in this blog were shot on a wet, overcast day with a Canon 5D MkII with 17-40mm and 70-200mm L-Series Lenses. I used a Circular Polarizer to make the colours pop and to remove the glare.  All images were shot using a tripod, of course.  

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