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When Size Matters - Shooting for Mobile

As our viewing screens get smaller it raises an interesting dilemma for online photography. 

More and more people are moving to smaller screens. People are shunning desktops for laptops , tablets and for many, smart phones. I'm not stating anything that most of us don't already know. Convenience right? Since the internet is the primary vehicle that many of us use to show and view images, using these smaller viewing screens present an interesting dilemma that has been plaguing me since I've noticed a trend towards more mobile viewers on my site.  

E-Retailers have been addressing the evolution to mobile for years. Most retailers and information sites have both a mobile and a 'full' site version. Having a mobile site is important because it allows easy navigation and viewing for smart phone and mobile users. Obviously this is of equal importance to photography sites. Google now doesn't even show sites without a mobile option when searching with a mobile device. 

A photography site is a little different than a regular information or retail site. When shooting I see things for the big screen. the bigger the better. I see the beauty in the detail. Overall composition for me is most important, but there is usually some piece of detail that is the hook for the piece. Back in my film shooting days I loved to get large prints so that I could see the detail. As a graphic designer I take pride in some small part of the work that I feel is a little better than the whole. When looking at other photographers work I'm always keeping an eye out for intriguing details. Details that might not be as evident when viewing on a small screen regardless of the screen resolution. With larrylewisphoto.com I have both a full site and a mobile site. I'm not completely happy with the mobile site, but it is a work in progress and does ok for now. I find that I'm very slowly (too slowly) becoming a webmaster as I learn how to make improvements. 

I view and edit my images on a large 27 inch desktop screen which is much larger than the average screen of my audience. I then upload my chosen images to larrylewisphoto.com or an image sharing site. The images are sized for comfortable full site viewing and the images are automatically downsized for mobile sites and apps.

When choosing which images to feature I'm taking mobile viewing into account as a deciding criteria more frequently. I will choose images with broad lines and colour over intricate detail more than I once did. I'm not changing how I shoot, but I am slowly changing what I choose to display online. This isn't a bad thing. I have thousands of images, many of which will never see the light of day. The chosen images are optimized for large screen viewing but hopefully are pleasing on smaller screens. This is an evolution of photography and hopefully the site will be enjoyed regardless of the viewers preferred device. I do hope that if you like my images that you view them on the largest screen available. 

All images featured in this post have been, or are still featured in my galleries. All have detail that may be hard to appreciate on a mobile device. (Sorry mobile viewers!) 


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