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Part 2 - The 2015 Toronto Vintage Boat Show

Have you ever gone out for a day of shooting and got too many images to show?

Often it works the other way. A day of shooting only results in one or two images that I really like. Maybe if I look back at the images after a few months I'll find a few more that I like. This wasn't the case at the 2015 Toronto Vintage Boat Show in Gravenhurst, Ontario. It was hard to decide which images to feature.

It was my first time shooting a boat show and to be honest I know nothing about boats. It was interesting speaking with some of the owners and show attendees. learning a little about the boats and engines that propel them. Although I don't know much about boats I do collect and enjoy vintage cameras. There is a lot in common among collectors of historical artifacts. Things like the builder and pedigree, as well as the aesthetics are very important. These enthusiasts enjoy talking boats the same way friends and I discuss and enjoy cameras.

The different perspectives that I heard were interesting. I spoke with a gentleman who was disappointed that many boats didn't distinguish between a vintage boat and a boat that has been built recently by the owner, insinuating that these newer boats were less relevant. I disagree with the gentleman because of the skill and artistry required to build one of these boats. That said it would have been nice to read the history of all of the boats. That way novices such as myself could get a little more out of The Show. Some owners did display the history of their boat. All the owners were approachable and eager to show off there crafts and answer questions. As a viewer I was aware that I was an outsider but also that I was welcome and my attendance appreciated. 

As I viewed the boats I couldn't help reminisce about my Grandfather's wooden boats on Manitoulin Island. They were works of art and it was always a treat to go out on the water with GrandDad in the boat, usually fishing. I hope you enjoy the images.

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Included with these vintage wooden boats and the flea boats that I featured last week were Amphicars.

A mass-produced German car of the sixties, the Amphicar remains the only mass produced consumer amphibious car in history. Time magazine listed the Amphicar as one of its 50 worst cars of all time. Regardless these car boats were fun to watch. Amphibious cars can accelerate to 110 km/h on land, and then travel 11 km/h through water!  Apparently actor Dan Akroyd was a big collector of these unique boats (or are they cars!).
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As with the images in last weeks article, all images were shot with my 17-40mm f4 L and 70-200mm f4 L lenses with a polarizer filter to reduce the glare of the sun and water and to increase contrast. As I mentioned in the previous article, shooting action shots made me wish for a fast telephoto lens. Maybe some day! I did not use a tripod due to the limited space and crowds on the warf. I'm looking forward to getting out and shooting on the water again, improving on my shot selection and creativity.


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