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Photo Walks - Get Out and Shoot!

So you say that you don't bring out your camera much anymore? Maybe it is time to take your camera for a walk.

I love going places to shoot. I get a little giddy if there aren't any photo destinations planned on the horizon. These destinations don't need to be far away, although it's hard to beat leaving the city to get some new scenery. Many times my destinations are within bicycling distance of my house. I'm fortunate to live in a part of the city that offers many diverse subjects for my photography.

The problem is sometimes there are longer periods between trips and the locations close to home become temporarily stale. For many of us during these periods the camera will sit in the closet for extended periods. This is when it is time for a Photo Walk.

I like the serendipity of Photo Walks. Whether it's with a friend, an organized group, a paid tour or alone downtown with some time to kill, the random nature of a walk with a camera presents the potential for excellent and unexpected images. The walk may last a few hours on a Saturday morning, but often is 15 stolen minutes at lunch time or a trip around the block when killing time before an appointment. These walks are an excellent opportunity for street or architecture photography in the city or wildlife and landscape photography in rural areas.

This isn't to say that you will get a photo contest winning image every time. There are walks that I shoot non-stop and others that I don't take any images at all. Most times I don't know what I've got until I look at the images on a large screen. What a Photo Walk will do is expose you to the opportunities, improve your creativity from exposure to these opportunities and will improve your photography due to shooting more often in different settings.

All pictures featured in this post were taken on one of many lunch time walks downtown, probably with my friend Brian Rome. (Brian Rome Photography) All shots were taken with my 5D Mark II with 17-40mm f4 L Lens on a nameless day in 2014. The seagull image was cropped.

I only have 1 tip for photo walks. Travel light. I usually only bring 1 lens and possibly my monopod. (a rare occasion that I don't bring a tripod). An added advantage to only carrying one lens is that it forces you to be creative when you don't have the perfect lens for a particular scene.  

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