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Rain, Rain, Do What You Will

The secret to getting good vantage points at the zoo is to go when no one is there... like when it's raining. All you need is an Op/Tech Rain Sleeve and a tolerance for the wet stuff.

A rainy day at The Zoo. The Rhinos don't mind.

Op/Tech Rainsleeve photos are brought to you courtesy of bhphotovideo.com

Rarely will you find an accessory that retails for under $10 that can be the difference between shooting and staying at home. This is pretty much what The Rain Sleeve offers. 

The product is essentially a clear plastic bag with an opening at both ends, One end to allow access to your camera to operate the controls and an opening at the other side for an unobstructed view for the lens. So why not just use a plastic bag? The answer is that you can, but the Rain Sleeve offers a few advantages. 

  1. It is made of a heavier clear plastic that is resistant to tear and is transparent, allowing easy viewing through the plastic to your viewfinder or LCD panel.
  2. It is narrow and has a bend to allow a comfortable fit when holding your camera without bulky extra plastic to get in your way.
  3. Features a cinch rope for a good fit over your lens hood. The plastic won't slip over the front of your lens.  

There are many versions of waterproof camera covers available, ranging in price from this Op/Tech version at the low end, to multi-feature covers priced over $100. This cheap version is all I need. There are 2 sleeves in the pack and they fold small. I keep one in my regular shoulder camera bag and one in my backpack in case I get caught in the rain, which happened today at the zoo!

The above images were taken on a rainy day at the Toronto Zoo. I'm looking forward to getting back because we only got through about half the exhibits! Maybe I will go the next time it rains to beat the crowds!

All photos are taken using my Canon 70-200mm f4 L lens and a monopod.

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