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A Few Images of Dean's Bay Beach

I spent an hour shooting at Dean's Bay Beach, Manitoulin Island this spring. Below are some of the results.

When I visited Dean's Bay Beach on this spring afternoon I knew I had a good chance of getting some interesting pictures. It was a windy day with variable clouds, perfect for 'mixing it up a bit.' Although I only shot for an hour the resulting images might suggest that they may have been shot on different days. 

One of the great things about DSLR photography is that you have complete control over your image. You have the opportunity to mix up how you take your pictures. When shooting in a group you will notice that everyone shoots a little differently. It may be the angle of shooting, the settings chosen on the camera or a technique used. The resulting images may be completely different that the images you have shot. Learning different techniques and discovering the manual settings on your camera will give you limitless options on how to shoot a scene to create a desired effect.

On this day I shot using 3 different techniques to get different results. I brought my tripod and did some timed exposures giving a milky texture to the waves. To accomplish this I waited until the clouds obscured the sun, used the lowest ISO setting on my camera and used a low f-stop setting to decrease the shutter speed as much as possible. I also shot some images using bracketing (shooting 3 versions of an image with varying shutter speeds.) These images were used to do some HDR image manipulation on my computer. The resulting images have enhanced detail and vibrant colour. Lastly I shot images using fast shutter speeds to freeze the spray of the water. Examples of all these techniques are in the gallery. Can you pick out which images were shot in which way?  

Next time you are out shooting try mixing up your techniques. You will learn about your camera, you will get interesting results and it's a lot of fun!

All images in this gallery were shot with my Canon 5D MkII DSLR, 17-40mm L and 70-200mm L Lenses and my tripod.


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