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6 Photography Goals For the Next Year

It must be spring - the photographers are out!

It's Daylight Saving Time! That means it's time to start thinking about photography again. 

More accurately it's time to get out shooting again since most of us enthusiast-types think about shooting all the time but don't tend to go out shooting as much when it's cold. As the days get longer and the temperature gets warmer we start thinking about, and planning our photo ops for the coming summer season. That makes it somewhat of a Photographer New Years. I will be shooting the usual urbex, nature, cityscape and landscape images as opportunities arise but I have a few goals that will hopefully improve my imagery and diversity. Here are my Big 6 Resolutions for the 2015-2016 photography season:


1. Get in as much ND filter shooting as possible. 

I purchased a new 8-stop fader filter and I've been anticipating using it as much as possible. Milky rivers, streams and lakes and motion blurred trains, cars and bikes will be the norm in 2015 for me!

2. Shoot more candid and posed portraits.

Friends that shoot various types of portraiture talk about the energy and exhilaration they get from shooting people.  I've done some commercial studio product and portrait photography and have done years of family 'snapshots' but I've never embraced the art of people photography. I believe this is the most challenging category of photography because you have to be able to convey through your subject your vision. This is obviously not something that can be learned and conquered in a single year, but it will be a fun and learning experience. Anyone with patience and an afternoon to kill let me know and we'll go shooting. There is no pay but I'll spring for lunch, drinks and images!   

3. Capture some local wild life.

When traveling I plan at least 1 day for wildlife photography but when I'm at home my 'wildlife scores' are almost 100% serendipity. My goal for 2015 is to plan some 'deer stands' in the Scarborough Bluffs.  I see the tracks, so I know they are there and I'll probably get  some good raptor shots if I'm vigilant as well!

4. Buy a graduated ND filter and use it.    

I'm rarely happy with my early morning and evening landscape shots where the sky has brilliant colour and the ground is in shadow.  I tend to darken the shadow areas in an attempt to move the viewers eye away from these under exposed areas.  While in many cases this is a pleasing effect, there may have been interesting detail that could have added to the image but were lost in these shadows. The gradient ND filter will help decrease the dynamic range required and properly expose the entire image. Get ready for some incredible sunrises and sunsets!

5. Find and shoot some good urbex in Toronto.

Kodak Building #9, like many Toronto abandoned buildings, is locked up tight.

Many historical abandoned buildings that were once accessible have been demolished or are now locked up tight. I know there are still opportunities here, and I, along with my friends will find them! Meantime we will do our road trips.

6. Go on some photo drives.

I didn't go on many day trips in the car last year. These drives through the countryside often yield some great landscapes shots and photo ops in towns and villages. They are also fun for the whole family. Get out there while gas is still affordable! 



Set some goals for the coming photography season and share these goals with others. You will shoot more, you will become a better photographer, and most import, it's fun! 


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