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So this is what 'feels like' -33°C looks like.

Screen image from theweathernetwork.com

Screen image from theweathernetwork.com

As an avid runner I don't take many days off.  During these runs I have the opportunity to see many things that many people don't. I've ran beside gliding owls hunting in meadows, seen countless atmospheric anomalies over Toronto from across the harbour and have been stopped by scenes so peaceful that I can hardly believe they exist in the city.  When ever I describe these scenes to others the conversation begins with 'I wish I had my camera... '

Sunday I was running on the Waterfront Trail and was 'struck' by the beauty of Lake Ontario during this cold spell.  I decided to take a drive down to Bluffer's Park after my run to get a few shots.  I got there very late in the day, too late for the pleasant evening light that usually falls there. Here are a few images that I shot that day.         

All images were taken with my 70-200mm lens on a tripod. 

If you go out shooting in the cold remember a few things:

  1. Dress very warm - you are standing still a lot so you will be getting cold, making you uncomfortable and shivering. Shivering is not good for sharp photographs! 
  2. Use a tripod - just because you should.
  3. Wear mittens - not photography gloves. I have Freehands brand photography gloves which I love in most cool temperatures.  They have a system that allows you to flip up the ends of fingers for better, accurate control of your camera.  They are functional but they are not warm! I like them for cool spring and fall conditions but not in winter. I find that I am more comfortable wearing mittens, removing them temporarily for shooting bare handed.
  4. Lastly, be prepared to do some image correction after the shoot.  I find that I get many dark spots and blotches on my images which I assume are due to condensation and frost on the lens or filter. I like to clean my camera well after shooting in the cold.

Toronto boasts many parks along the shore line that offer easy access. I look forward to visiting many of these locations in the coming months and years.  2  of many areas, in addition to Bluffers Park, that I visit regularly and highly recommend for winter landscape photography are the Kew Beaches and Ashbridges Bay in Eastern Toronto, and the Leslie Spit in Central Toronto.  

The walk back to the car after the photo shoot.

The walk back to the car after the photo shoot.

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