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Self-Censoring - Should we always post?

In the last few months I've shot images that intrigue me, while at the same time trouble me due to their dark nature.

Images of this nature aren't new to me. I shoot hundreds of images and I have a wide variety of subjects. I have my own set of rules for posting. I rarely post images of people face-on without consent. (to a large extend this includes crowd images although I do post images of musicians and athletes), I try to portray the people I shoot in a good light and I steer away from controversial or dark images. You might say I'm extremely G-Rated. This isn't to say I abstain from shooting dark images at times. I shoot many such images but I don't share them.

By not posting these darker images I am not saying that I don't believe they should be displayed. On the contrary, I believe this type of image should be displayed. Images of war, poverty, violence, hate and so forth are important because they shed light on problems our society faces. These images provoke emotions and stimulate thought which is a prime function of art. When they are at their best they will provoke positive action.

I've decided to feature two images that I have struggled with. I believe that my problem with them is that I don't want to gain at the expense of poverty, tragedy and hate which these images portray. At the same time I feel the need to share them. 


Yvonne noticed this man sitting on the sidewalk. She mentioned his legs and how life must be difficult with such a disability and to be on the street. I automatically took the picture. Later at home when I was looking through my images from the weekend I kept gravitating back to this image. The shadows of people passing by paint a picture of hopelessness.   



This was a very eerie room. The positioning of the chair and swastika against the cinder block wall combined for a very dark vibe for me. I won't give the vandal credit for the effect the image has over me. I believe the person was probably too ignorant or apathetic to envision the effects of the elements on the viewer.    


I will continue to share my G-Rated images in print and online because it is important to portray the positive, and I will continue to capture negative images that I will view, think about, and hopefully they will compel me to strive to be a positive force in my community. I will also continue to view the images of photographers that portray the darker side of society because this to is important.


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