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Where is the Beach! Photographing Water Bodies.

For expanding your artistic photography horizons there is no better place to start than at the water.  

If you spend time on the water, or on the shore looking across a body of water you know that the scene continually changes. You will see a particular reflection, ripple or wave and if you are not quick to take the picture you will miss it and the image will be completely different than what was intended - sometimes for the better.

Equally often you will notice that the image will change depending on the time of day. As morning turns to afternoon and then to dusk the colour of the light, the shapes of shadows, wind patterns and elements like fog and wildlife continually evolve. My Grandfather lived his life on an island and once said that after watching the lake and channel all his life there were still atmospheric and weather conditions that combined to create sights he had never seen before. He loved the beauty of water.

As a photographer it is fascinating to catch a scene during different conditions. I have collections of images taken over the course of hours, days and years that are so different that you can not tell that they are of the same subject, and often shot from the same perspective.

Not only will the evolving conditions change the image, but so does changing how the image is shot. It is exhilarating to shoot scenes in different ways to create and enhance the mood of the image. Changing the focal length, shutter speed and aperture or using a lens filter can completely change a story the photograph will tell. The educational aspect is priceless because, in most cases, the adjustment of the camera settings or the addition of an accessory will lead to dramatic changes. The principals learned at the lake can be transferred to most types of photography to great effect.

My images that feature water tend to be better received more often than other subjects. I believe that it is because of the colours and the moods that are portrayed. Images such as those I'm featuring today have a lot of drama in the sky and water. They are foreboding and in some cases violent. I could have shot the scenes at a slow shutter speed and the mood would be completely different. The colour would be the same but the waves and clouds would have been soft and blurred creating more serene images. These moods are picked up by the viewer.

All images in this blog were shot on a windy day on the Lake Ontario shore with a Canon 5D MkII with 17-40mm and 70-200mm L-Series Lenses. I used a Circular Polarizer and a ND Filter to slow the shutter speed slightly during the shoot and some of these images are included. All images were shot using a tripod. It was a lot of fun shooting. I'm glad I wore a water resistant coat because the waves spray were close that day! 

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