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Ice Sculptures After The Storm

Where were we when the lights came on?  Part 2 of my December 22nd post Urbec and the Ice Storm

We stayed in our house for a little over 48 hours, but on Christmas Eve we made the decision to move into our son's house on the other side of town.  He was out of town for Christmas but his house had power and we felt that Christmas should go on in comfort,  Once again, we were among the fortunate ones that had a choice.   


It turned out that our power was restored Christmas Eve.  I returned Christmas morning to make sure everything was ok, and it was, but we decided to have Christmas dinner across town, since we had already moved everything to the new location and didn't want to move everything back.

 All the images except one are samples of the images that I took on December 26, 2013   The ice took on a magical sheen once the sun came out on this day.  Combined with a light snowfall, the conditions made for one of my more successful days, and weeks, of winter Urbex photography.  

Looking back on the images it reminds me that when shooting Urbex we sometimes get caught up in shooting decay.  Urban Exploration, to me, is also about finding beauty and uniqueness in the urban environment.

I hope you enjoy the images. 


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